5 Unconventional Fishing Techniques


Practice these fishing techniques and increase your survival odds!

These Fishing Techniques Might Just Be Your Ticket to Survival


1. Bottom Fishing

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word fishing? A person with fishing gear out in the waters, waiting for the big catch, is a common notion.

Well, that’s one way to catch fish, but there are several other methods, too. Bottom fishing is one of the simplest fishing techniques.

The main purpose of this technique is to target the fish at the bottom of the ocean, river, or lake. That includes fish like snapper, grouper, or sea bream.

There are two methods to bottom fishing — either with a rod or with a hand line. It depends on whichever is available and which suits you, as well.

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One of the main advantages is it’s efficient and not very expensive. In short, it’s something perfect for survivalist and hobbyist alike.

2. Trolling

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If you prefer targeting big fish, then this might be the best technique for you. In fact, fish caught using this technique includes the marlin, swordfish, sailfish, tuna, or kingfish.

As you know, big fish tend to swim on the surface, which makes them easier to locate and target. You will need lures and bait fish for this technique, though.

In this technique, the boat moves in a continuous rhythm, while the fisherman sits at the back. Then one or more fishing lines baited with lures are cast into the water to lure in big fish.

Watch the video from the Consummate Sportsman for trolling or saltwater fishing tips and tricks:

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3. Fly-Fishing

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Fly-fishing is usually used for fish that live in fresh water, such as rivers and lakes, but it will do in saltwater on rare occasions.

As the name suggests, this technique allows the fisherman to use a fly-bait. Also, along with a special type of rod and reel.

Trout and salmon are the kinds of fish caught with this technique. Refer to this video below from Hushin as one of your fly-fishing guides:

4. Springing or Spring Fishing

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This technique is also known as jigging, which is quite new compared to the other ones on this list. Japanese anglers invented this technique, too.

It involves an instrument called a jig, which the fisherman drops into the water until it reaches the bottom. The fisherman then reels the jig up using a certain rhythm and aiming for the fish at the bottom or mid-surface of the water.

Fish caught using this technique includes amberjack, rainbow runner, GT, yellowfin tuna, grouper, and yellowtail. Try your hand at jig fishing and learn how to with this From the Waters Edge TV video.


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5. Spinning

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Spinning (or casting) is a more common technique, which you can do on a boat or from the shore. In this technique, the fisherman casts his rod while using a lure.

In addition, the kind of rod used will depend on the type of fish targeted. The fisherman casts his lure, then slowly reels it back in.

There are two methods for spinning. One involves a popper, which is a floating material with a cylindrical shape and a flat head. The popper is cast into the water, creating a splash, thus attracting bigger fish.

The second method involves stick baits, which are more or less like poppers and imitate the movements of a real fish. You can also find out more about this method in this video from Inside Fishing TV.


Watch this unusual fishing and learn new fishing techniques from Net Fishing Tour:

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Fishing goes on every day all over the world, either for livelihood or for leisure. In fact, it’s a hobby many people would love to do if they have the free time and resources to do it.

If you’re interested in spicing up your next trip with a new fishing technique, these are only a few fishing techniques to consider. So what are you waiting for?

Get your fishing equipment and hone your fishing skills who knows could prove very useful one day.

Do you have fishing tips and tricks up your sleeves? Share those with us in the comments section below!

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