Hunting for Edible Mushrooms with Foraging for Cep, Porcini, Bolete and Chanterelle


In this video the folks at Bush Craft go on a hunt for wild mushrooms with a wild mushroom expert.

No doubt about it, hunting for wild mushrooms can be dangerous, it is always important to have an expert around if you don’t know what you are doing.

There are a lot of great mushrooms hanging around, and they are truly a readily available source of food. It is beneficial to learn how to hunt for mushrooms safely, just in case that is all you can get your hands on. In this video they will find Cep, Porcini, Bolete and Chanterelles

Check out Part 2 for more.

After identifying and foraging for a variety of mushrooms we then eat some ceps raw…with the help of a tasty Asian dip!

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